As Q&R Logistics, we have been providing quality, fast and safe air cargo transportation service since our establishment. We produce customer-oriented solutions and provide services such as customs clearance, intermediate transport, storage, packaging and insurance. We aim to offer the most suitable solution to the customer by offering alternative airway, cost and transit time opportunities.

We provide services for all types of dangerous cargo that require great attention in air cargo transportation. We offer alternative and appropriate solutions to your cargoes with a professional perspective on dangerous cargo, which is our main focus.

The classes we offer safe services to our customers with our expert staff in the field of Dangerous Goods:

Class 1 Explosive Materials         (EXAN (ANFO), AMMONIUM NITRAT)

Class 2 Gases                                    (AEROSOLS, BUTANE, ACETYLENE)

Class 3 Flammable liquids            (PAINTS, VARNISHES, INKS, ADHESIVES)

Class 4 Flammable solids              (ALKALI METAL, ALUMINUM PHOSPHIDE)

Class 5 Oxidizers                              (ZIRCONIUM NITRATE, BARIUM PEROXIDE)

Class 6 Toxic Substances              (BENZYL IODIDE, CYCLOHEXYL ISOCYANATE)

Class 7 Radioactive                         (RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL, EXCEPTED PACKAGE)

Class 8 Abrasives                             (SILICON TETRACHLORIDE, TRIMETHYLCYCLOHEXYLAMINE)

Class 9 Other Dangerous Goods (CARS, LITHIUM BATTERIES)

Our services;

  • Door to door transport
  • Transit transportation
  • Air Cargo Forwarding Services
  • Special regulations in complete aircraft cargo transportation
  • Special projects for the transportation of restricted products and products of non-standard sizes or weights
  • Dangerous goods transportation and special packaging service