In all logistics processes from the manufacturer to the consumer, we serve with our contracted supplier in accordance with the standards with our certified and experienced and reliable staff. Dangerous goods packaging service is offered either at the address of our contracted supplier or at the requested address.

It specializes in all aspects of dangerous goods transport, from identification, packaging, marking, labeling and documentation of dangerous goods. We work within a broad spectrum, including:

– Petroleum products

– Liquefied gases

– Aerosols

– Chemicals

– Pure chemicals

– Petrochemicals

– Cosmetics

– Dyes

– Batteries

– Dry ice

Identification, marking and labeling in accordance with the relevant legislation

Repackaging consultancy according to the maximum net quantities allowed according to regulation per package

Filling the IATA Dangerous Goods Loader Declaration and other mandatory shipping documents for Dangerous Goods

National and international shipping regulations